Business Applications Pricing

Introducing Business Application Websites. Chevron Technologies offers businesses the capability to build back office/business based website applications to increase performance, automate, and include your business rules and requirements.


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 Increase Performance

    We can take care of your business by enhancing and increasing your performance by building you a customised web based business application. Recent projects we have undertaken include a property management system, restaurant management system, content management systems for example.


    Take back office tasks that are completed manually and automate them, take them online and into a database which also extends you the massive advantage of reporting!

 Your Requirements

    See the example beside here, the requirements are an example only, we will sit together and draft your own set of requirements, detailing each requirement to your needs before we start development. Nothing is locked in and can be changed during designing or building.

Business Applications Pricing

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Pricing based on current IT Salary Index 2017.

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Example Business Applications Project:

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14 - 30 Days

Functional Requirements, for example:

The system MUST automate task A, B and C
The system MUST .... your requirements here
The system MUST provide a database (MySQL) that is administered via the website’s backend management system
The system MUST prevent unauthorised access to administration functions
The system MUST have password protection for administrator sections only
The system MUST capture customer information on-line
The system MAY allow the tracking of customer orders
The system MAY support inventory management of products

Non-Functional Requirements, for example:

I/O requirements: Input to the database will be through a form based on database table fields as necessary; Input from visitors using the Contact Us page will be through a standard form; Carousel, if necessary, for display of slide show
Interface requirements: Page layouts described by wireframes & Navigation elements such as buttons
Quality: Site will be validated by the customer, All functionality will be audited by development team, Client will perform Client Acceptance Test before hand-over
Business Rules: No business rules are to be implemented unless specified
Size: Site consists of Home plus up to seven (5) child pages, Database is not to expand beyond 40 Gb
Ease of use: The GUI will be clean and intuitive to the site visitor, All labels will be unambiguous
Reliability: The system will display correctly across all browser versions tested
Robustness: The database design will allow for additional tables and relationships as necessary, The PHP code will reliably protect against injection attacks, All passwords are stored in an encrypted format in the database
Portability: The system may be transported to the Windows environment without alteration

Development Plan (Microsoft Project)


Acceptance Testing

Scope: Describe what is to be tested;
Approach: Give a broad overview of the testing procedure that is to be undertaken;
Output: Test Results and Recommendations;

Pricing based on current IT Salary Index 2017.