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Phase 1: PLAN

  1. Initial Research:
    1. Assess current website and social pages
    2. Review current analytics data and trends
    3. Examine competitor websites
    4. Identify new websites purpose, objectives and audience
  2. Scope:
    1. Identify required technical functionality
    2. Define technical scope
    3. Document scope in detail
  3. Architecture:
    1. Assemble and classify content types
    2. Define content hierarchy and flow
    3. Create page outlines for main pages
    4. Create sitemap and architecture 

Phase 2: DESIGN

  1. Wireframes:
    1. Establish a visual hierarchy and placement of content
    2. Layout home and main pages using responsive grid
    3. Produce a static or live wireframe
    4. Test and revise as needed
  2. Design:
    1. Review client brand standards
    2. Identify colours and fonts
    3. Determine overall visual feel
    4. Using wireframes design homepage
    5. Create visual assets like buttons, call to actions etc
    6. Produce illustrations or photography if needed
    7. Make final design files and visual assets


  1. Development:
    1. Setup CMS
    2. Build theme and page templates
    3. Install and configure needed plugins
    4. Program any custom functionality
    5. Customise backend
  2. Populate:
    1. Migrate content including text, visuals and attachments
    2. Add links and functionality to content
    3. Proofread and edit where required
  3. Test:
    1. Test performance on different devices and platforms
    2. Track and correct bugs
    3. Conduct user testing
    4. Optimise and adjust as needed
    5. Assign user roles and train client on CMS


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Phases of Web Development


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