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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Australian based company?

Chevron Technologies is a fully Australian owned and operated business. Chevron Technologies has been around since 2007 starting as a small technical support firm, then expanding into the online retail space where over 5 years we operated in a highly competitive space selling over 10,000 online computer products with thousands of customers and orders.

Over the last few years we have been reshaping the business back into a service orientated business, moving forward into website development and design.  Matthew has been coding since 2007, but became certified in 2016 now holding a certificate 4 in website technologies and a diploma in website development from TAFE SWSI. Programming is a passion of Matthew’s and you will be recieving the best possible service from us.

Please see us on Facebook and like us and share us with your friends, and we appreciate your recommendation to your business contacts.

How do you track project progress?

Project tracking is managed using two systems, the first is software called JIRA which is a tracking system for projects, faults and tasks which also allows for monitoring of time and billing into our finance system, the second is via Microsoft Project Manager. Project Manager will include all the tasks, the time frame and resources required for the project. This will be updated and provided to the client on a regular interval.

We provide reporting on all our projects, faults and tasks along side our invoicing to give you a full transparent view of the services provided.

What Content Management System do you use?

Internally at this time we use WordPress due to its flexibility and popularity. Some other popular CMS’s are:

      • Drupal
      • Joomla
      • Magento
      • and many, many more…

What ever chosen system, Chevron Technologies can work with you to implement and support the transition of new software into your business.

What kind of web design services do you provide?

Support and Development of fully custom, responsive, mobile first designed websites, built from the ground up using the latest technology and coding techniques or off the shelf systems such as:

  • Content Management Systems such as WordPress customisation and implementation.
  • WIX Support and Development
    E-commerce such as WooCommerce customisation and implementation.
  • ** Hosting, Logo and Graphic design services are outsourced to our partners. **

**Development is not a once completed we are done approach. It is an ongoing process of continuous improvement to keep your online presence current and your customers engaged.**

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes, Chevron Technologies can provide on-going support. An hourly fee is used to deliver support based on your requirements, alternatively we can discuss a monthly plan for a more consistent approach.

** Please note, if you do not purchase/agree to on-going support, we cannot provide a warranty as Chevron Technologies cannot prevent unauthorised access or changes to the code.

Do you provide web hosting solutions?

Chevron Technologies can provide a hosting solution for you, on request. Our hosting provider is GoDaddy, and we offer 24/7 technical support.

Pricing available on request.

Can I update my website on my own after it is live?

Yes you may, although if you wish not to continue services with Chevron Technologies for ongoing support, future projects and maintenance, we will be unfortunately unable to provide any warranty on the work completed in this project/support.

** It is your website of course, and you will always retain access and control.**

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