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Are you aware of your legal requirements for running a website? There are certain policies and disclaimers you must have in place to cover the business and its users for the use of the website and its content. Below we discuss the different types of policies you may need for your website.

  1. Do you have a contact form on your website? If Yes then you are collecting “Personal Information” and your website needs a Privacy Policy.
  2. Do you publish information or give advice on your website? If Yes then people could be relying on your information or advice and your website needs to have a Website Disclaimer.
  3. Do you sell or good or services through your website? If Yes then your website must state that you comply with Australian Consumer Law and provide Refund, Warranty and Shipping information in Terms and Conditions.
  4. Do you allow advertising on your website? If Yes then your website should include a Terms of Use for advertisers.
  5. Do you allow contributors to post on your website? If Yes then your website should include a Terms of Use for contributors.
  6. Do you allow third-parties to market to your website subscribers? If Yes then your website subscribers need to provide an Active Release.

Note: This is not legal advice or services.

Information contribution from legal123.com.au

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